President 2024

Each year a president is named by the past presidents on the advice of the Executive Committee.  The president represents the Bonspiel at all official functions including the opening and closing ceremonies, the formal banquet and various medal presentations.  The president also designs the annual pin offered to all curlers and brings his own "colour" to the spiel through any number of individual touches and innovations.

Presidents of the Bonspiel receive a jacket in the Royal Stuart tartan.  The current president wears a chain of office which distinguishes him from past presidents.

The President of the 109th edition is Mr. Claude Raboud from the Morges Pilule Team who come from Switzerland.

Executive Committee

Derek White - CEO  
Annie St-Pierre - General Manager  
Kevin Boden  
Tom Fuller - Finances  

Each member of this committee has been involved in the Quebec International for many years. The committee is chaired by the CEO of the Bonspiel (Derek White) and by the General Manager (Annie St-Pierre).  This Committee plans and directs the Bonspiel each year.  It has full responsibility for the sporting and financial success of the Bonspiel.

All members of the executive committee would be most happy to hear from you personally if you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms.  If you have any input, please make the effort and reach out!

Marketing Committee

Kevin Boden
Gordon Fuller
Tom Fuller
Ronald Losier 
Geoff Woods
Derek Clark
Rick MacLintock
Francis Zanetti
Julie Blackburn
Johanne Tremblay Neelin
Ed Sweeney

Many thanks to this committe which has worked tirelessly through the most challenging of circumstances since 2020. Hat's off! 

Advisory Committee

Bob Faircloth International
Claude Raboud        "
Dave Roberts United States
Tom Fuller        "
Dick Urevig        "
Gaetan "Gus" Claveau Maritimes
Ronald Losier        "
Ian MacDonald        "
Geoff Woods Ontario
Francis Zanetti       "
Gaetan Couture  Quebec
Yvan Roy        "
This Committee is just that, an advisory group, that provides a voice for the curlers and assists the Executive Committee in its planning.  Committee members represent the different regions from which we draw curlers i.e. Maritimes, Ontario, Québec (outside Quebec City), the United States and International.  Members have been attending the Bonspiel for many years. The committee averages over 20 years of participation.

The members of the Advisory Committee are always interested in hearing from curlers so they can contribute a better-informed opinion to the Executive.  If you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms, if you have any input whatsoever, please make the effort and contact any of these members!

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