A Rookie’s Guide to the Bonspiel

Most of the 176 men and women who were rookies in 2023.
          The 176 Rookies from 2023


You’ve never been to the QIB and you have a few questions?  Or maybe you feel like you haven’t figured out how the Quebec International is unique?  Well this page might help.


The 120 Rookies of the Centenial - 2013
     The 120 rookies of 2013, the Centenary

Why does registration start on Saturday if curling starts on Sunday?

Returning teams generally arrive in Quebec City on Friday or Saturday before the official start of the ‘spiel.  They come early to enjoy the camaraderie during team receptions that are held in the Chateau Frontenac.  These receptions are offered by participating teams and are open to all the curlers.  Each offers complementary drinks and food.

Why does registration start on Saturday if curling starts on Sunday?
Where will I eat during the week?

Where will I eat during the week?

During the first weekend, you will be able to eat at the receptions at the Chateau.  Various receptions traditionally offer choices from wings and ribs, clam chowder, cheese and paté, hot dogs, smoked meat sandwiches and the list goes on. Of course, most curlers will also take advantage of the many remarkable restaurants in the city.  Many favourites are within walking distance of the hotel and many restaurants in the city offer curlers discounts during the bonspiel.

Once the curling starts, there meal options at each of the clubs and there are some receptions at the hotel.  We would recommend that you take advantage of the Chili bar supper organized by the Jacques Cartier Club on Tuesday evening. Get your tickets at headquarters or at the bar of the club as early as you can. 
Monday evening, all the curlers gather in the formal ballroom for the annual banquet. 

How will I get around the city?

The Chateau Frontenac is located in the heart of historic Old Quebec City.  There is a large variety of excellent restaurants and shops within walking distance of the hotel. 

Our shuttle bus will bring bonspielers between the Chateau and each of the clubs. This is a great advantage as it removes concerns over designated drivers and is much less expensive than taking taxis.

How will I get around the city?

How much will the QIB cost me?

Registration for rookies is only $290 (plus taxes).

Standard rooms at the Chateau are available to curlers who book through the Bonspiel headquarters at reduced rates:  in 2025, rooms will be $209/night (double occupancy before applicable taxes).
Here's a hint: join the Fairmont loyalty program, “Accor Live Limitless” for no cost so you will benefit from:
  • access to preferential service lines at the front desk,
  • reduced rates on services,
  • free local phone calls,
  • free Internet access in your room,
  • free delivery of your choice of daily newspaper
  • complementary night's stay for future stays at the Chateau or other Fairmont properties!

Is there anything I need to bring?

  • Bring your curling gear.  Although there is a lot of socializing during the week, each team will also be doing a lot of curling!
  • Bring some pain killers.  Although there is lots of curling, there is also lots of socializing!
  • Gentlemen, bring a jacket and tie.  Ladies please bring something appropriate for a more formal setting. This more formal attire is strongly suggested for the official opening and is required for the Grand Banquet on Monday evening.
  • Bring winter weather gear.  The end of January is usually very cold and snow is always a feature of Quebec City in the winter.
  • Pack a bathing suit. You might find time to enjoy some tim ein the hotel pool or hot tub.

Is there anything I need to bring?

I don’t speak French. Will I feel out of place at the QIB?

Certainly not!  QIB curlers come from the Maritimes, Ontario, Saskatchewan, BC, The United States, Scotland and Switzerland.  Our headquarters staff are all bilingual and most people you will have contact with outside the bonspiel (taxi drivers, waiters, store clerks etc.) will also be able to help you in English.

Are there any special events for Rookies?

Yes, the Rookie welcoming ceremony is held on Saturday afternoon. At this ceremony, in addition to being welcomed into our bonspiel community, details will be provided about the friendly competition that is held to determine the Rookie of the Year. Not to be missed! 

Are there any special events for Rookies?

I'm interested in participating but I don't have a complete team. Can I still register and play?

You can certainly register as an individual.  Often, teams register but would like to add a player to their roster. Likewise, if you have three or four players and are looking for another player or two, you will see on the registration form that you can ask us to find you an additional player or two.  We will do our best to accommodate you!

If you want to talk to us about your particular circumstances, contact us and we'll see what we can do.