Registration Information

We can only accept 64 teams in the 2024 draw. To ensure that your team is one of them, register now!  

Entry Fees (per player)

  Fee    Tax    Total   
 Rookie Rate   $290  $43.43   $333.43
 Early Bird Rate (Until September 30)   $345   $51.66   $396.66
 Regular Rate (October 1 to November 30) $380 $56.91 $436.91
 Late Registration (December 1 or later) $430 $64.39 $494.39

  *All figures in Canadian dollars.


Click here to register.

E-transfer Payment

     Please make your E-transfer payment to  (that is BIQ@... and not BIG@...).
     Please use the following question and password:

     Question:  Who will be president in 2024?
     Answer:            CRaboud (capital C and R with no space)

Payment by Cheque

     Please make your cheque payable to the Quebec International Bonspiel and mail it to:

     C.P. 70083, Succursale Québec Centre
     Québec, QC  
     G2J 0A1

Refund Policy

     We will charge an administrative fee of $40 per player for any refund request made for registration fees paid at the 2023 rate and for any request made after September 30th. 

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